Hide And Seek! 5v2 Custom Game

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Hide And Seek! 5v2 Custom Game

Post by Lemolive on Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:00 pm

Hide and Seek is a 5v2 custom game played on the Crystal Scar map (LoL Dominion)
The rules are pretty simple;

- 5 hiders & 2 seekers, the seekers must kill the hiders 4 times before 30 minutes are over, or the hiders will win.
- Hiders have 2 minutes to hide, after 2 minutes strike the clock, the seekers must come out.
- Hiders are allowed to attack seekers to defend themselves, but they may never kill them, if they do, they lose 1 life.
- Seekers MUST recall when their health is 300 or less. They may recall at any time, but may not cancel recall ever. (Once B is hit, you must B)
- Hiders are not allowed to hide together or hide outside of the map 'circle', they are also not allowed to help the other seekers escape.
- The hiders are not allowed to Chase the seekers, they may only try to escape.
- Clairvoyance is not allowed.

Banned Champions:
- Evelyn
- Rengar
- Twisted Fate

Have fun!

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