The Donger Dash! 5v5 Custom Game

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The Donger Dash! 5v5 Custom Game

Post by Chocoladetaart on Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:31 pm

O Hai
Here are the rules for a match of Donger Dash. You compete in 2 team of 5 on the Summoner's Rift map. The match consists of 2 halves. The first 15 minutes (farming) and the race itself.

General Rules:
- Teleport is not allowed.
- You can use any rune or mastery you'd like.
- If you die during the race you are allowed to defend your fountain (you have to stay on your fountain and you may attack whoever passes by).
- When you pass by your own base you are allowed to buy/sell items and heal up.
- Average game duration is ~25m.

Pre-15 minutes Rules:
- You can't attack other champions using auto-attacks, abilities or summoner spells.
- You can jungle, kill dragon, steal enemy jungle creeps and destroy towers.
- You're supposed to farm up with your team during this time!
- When it's 15:00 everyone must recall and buy items in the shop and go straight to bot lane.

15+ minutes Rules:
- Everyone meets in the bot lane. You may not attack each other yet!
- Someone has to count down in the all-chat (or skype).
- Team blue goes clockwise.
- Team purple goes counter-clockwise.
- You can't stand still for too long.
- You have to hug the walls and go around the enemy Nexus.
- When you meet the enemies are allowed to attack/slow/stun do whatever you'd like. You can't chase the enemy though!
- You can't recall!
- The last man standing wins! If there's no winner after 30 minutes the one who did the most laps/is the furthest ahead wins!
- Take note teamwork is still very important!

Banned Champions:
- Master Yi
- Pantheon
- Twisted Fate
- Poppy
- Shen

Banned Items:
- Ohmwrecker

Have Fun!

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