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GMOD - howto

Post by Chocoladetaart on Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:32 pm

Okay Gmod time peeps

1. download this:
2. download this: #!hhFhWIKI!k83-TVRoRRLd-dyplXVzPMIpot6Accl1zyWmUZN3qck
3. download this:

install all (its in the READ ME folders how to do that xD)

then when you are all ready

First start up Hamachi, click the pretty ON button and make a name (pref. LJS "name")
When done with that, click connect to an existing network
Network-ID: LeJukesGaming
password: tunnelsnakes
Okay done with that, leave that on and shit.

then start up Gmod, you probably need to patch shit still, hold on.

1.Go to garry's mod
2.Press options advanced
4.Deselect enable developer's console

Then go back to main menu press '~' (the key before the 1 key)
And type: connect

Edit: If you want your username to be LJS "yourname" on Gmod, change the name of your computer (when you start it up and log in and stuff, yeah there)
aaaaand you're in! GL HF  <3
xxx Choco

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