Hunt The Teemo! 5v5 Custom Game

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Hunt The Teemo! 5v5 Custom Game

Post by Chocoladetaart on Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:16 pm

Hey everyone!
The game Hunt the Teemo is a fun 5v1 custom game played on The Crystal Scar map.
The one player will be Teemo, and is to be hunted by the other team.

Here are the rules:
General Rules:
- You cannot leave the jungle or the giant circle
- You cannot capture any points
- All summoner spells are allowed
- You cannot recall back to the fountain
- Anyone can pick up the health items

Teemo rules:
- You must always be moving (no stealth)
- You cannot stay in the same area for too long (camping)
- You can ONLY build movement speed items. Items such as Zephyr are allowed though.
- You cannot attack or put down mushrooms
- You cannot wait at the fountain to buy items (leave immediately)

Non-Teemo rules:
- You can only leave the fountain at 2 minutes (gives the Teemo a head start)
- You can buy any items you choose
- You cannot camp the entrance to the jungle (you have to actively hunt Teemo)

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